A dear elder of age 70 was feeling painful knee joint from some time, but the pain was bearable and he did not seek any treatment for it until one day…

That day he was at gym and as was his schedule, was involved in some light exercises without the use of any weights but then shouldered held weight sit-up machine caught his eye and went to try it.

..try ? .. who knew that it will become the worst of choices he ever made…

He settled himself in and held the two metal bars that rested on his shoulders then began the descent, half way down thing looked fine and rose up again… thinking he can take it all the way down to full squat, he lowered himself again, but crossing the half sit-up position the knees trembled and then while he tried to rise back against the sudden weakening of legs, he could not,  sinking into a squatting position all the way down. he heard some cracking sounds from his right knee joint and a sudden pain lurched on his leg, a painful face and a slight cry was heard by others, who the quickly disengaged him from the machine and placed him in sitting position while rubbing the right knee and legs, as to provide some comfort. After some time, the man was able to get up and walk with some effort. By the night the right knee joint was swollen and unable to move.


The case was presented to one of the top-notch orthopedic doctor, this was the time when I was also called to be present, because of my relations with the elder.

MRI and X-rays were completed and told a sad story. His knee joint meniscus was torn, ligaments were injured and cartilage was also damaged.

The orthopedic prescribed some pain killers and some anti-inflammation medicines for 20 days also a note was mentioned that in case the swelling does not go away in 20 days he will be operating upon the affected knee joint.

..time passed…as it has that unchangeable habit of passing quickly…

by the 12th day I was called by the elder and he told me that neither the swelling nor the pains have subsided and now only a span of 8 days remained when the surgery will be scheduled, and, and that if my homeopathy can do something, it is the only chance.

I was quick to respond, and urgently ordered Comfrey and potentized it with help of some alcohol to a 4x potency, then dubbed some black sugar of milk tablets with it, it took me about 3 hours to finally prepare what I needed. Also prepared an ointment of poison ivy in same potency, I used common Vaseline as its base.

Poison Ivy Vaseline was to be rubbed all around the affected knee joint daily night and washed with warm water and soap daily morning for 8 days. Comfrey 4x tablet was to be suckled on tongue three times a day for 8 days… and then I told him to treat his knee as if it has been fractured for next 8 days and it will heel soon.

It was just by chance that I visited again on fifth day as it was Sunday and I found out that the elder is not at home… but my intent was to meet other family members too so I stayed for few hours, not asking about the whereabouts of the dear elder.. also deep in my heart I was also worried that what will I listen if there was no improvement by the remedies I give him, after all he is an elder of the family and has full right to snub me and tell me of my failure to heal him. This would also reflect adversely on my image in family… considering all this and that no one else was taking any initiative to tell me how our elder was feeling, an uncomfortable sensation was creeping inside my skin… then I decided to leave and said my farewell to the family while we walked out of the main entry of the house…but..umm… that was when I was a figure taking long strides, and coming right towards us…I gulped trying to soothe my sudden drying throat…

“Hello Furqan!” no doubt it was the family elder, my eyes drifted towards his knee… he wore white shorts with white fleet shoes and I could see his bare knee from where I stood… umm… what ? no knee-band ? .. he did not say anything and I had then to follow him back into the house… How could I be that shameless not to give few moments of time to ask about his knee…I did feel that there must be some improvement .. else why would he be in sportswear ?

Reaching back into the sitting room, I asked about the knee pain… “Oh.. that..”, he answered happily, ” I am taking your tablets and also applying the Vaseline daily night … it happened like that yesterday when I woke up I saw there was now more any swelling or pain… but I kept the knee in rest..as you told me too… but this morning I feel there is no more fear to move the leg.. so I walked for about 4 hours today, trying to ascertain if there is any problem remaining or not… and there is no issue that I see.” He was like glad with the results and I was constantly gulping down the dryness of my throat…” so I have decided not to go the that orthopedic expert now – I will take your treatment !”

..was he not already taking my treatment… I wondered and nodded my head is yes…telling him to please not squat down now for full next month…( I recalled when one youth squatted on his injured knee on the third day of my medicine and re-ruptured the ligaments again when he felt he is improving but that again one other story of a boy who visited our country for internship and slipped on office floor hitting a table with his knee).

The dear elder never had any knee complaint from that time and often tell others that Furqan has some good ways to treat an injured knee.

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