Now is the season of Croup and Cough in children. Croup in infants become so worrisome for parents, child has wet nose, dry or wet cough, breathing wheeze… fever… and of course not all medicines can be given and everyone at home in prayer to The Almighty Allah that He grants the cure very very soon.

Nebulization becomes a routine, anti-allergic and anti-febrile medicines become a part of the bed-room…

Haven’t we all gone through such nights ?

Like very year, I prepare free homeopathic medicine for croup in children, an effort to cut short the duration of the viral disease..or at least the intensity… Its a complex formulation so please do not ask me how I prepare it.. I just returned after giving the first dose to my daughter and hope her fever reduces by 2 degrees by morning…its 103.8° F and we had to bring it down by room temperature wet sponging for hours… by morning the fever came again but not exceeding 101° F,  anti febrile were given and no other medicine was administered. By morning the fever was below 100°F and then by evening it was 99°F. The child was fever and cough free by the night. So that is the manner we expect a cure to complete for everyone’s satisfaction.

Symptoms to look for are that the tongue will have white coat on it… and small pink dots could be seen elevating from under the white tongue…This is the Allergy Tongue out look. We avoid eating potatoes from all foods for a week… ever wonder a child falling sick with high fever very next day after eating fired chips ? I will try to post the tongue picture that looks somewhat like I tell you here today.

It takes time to heal… yes.. it is painfully slow to heal… but in two days… the disease will will lose its acidic tinge… and the child will be playing going back to school very quickly.

I pray for the health of all babies and that our little angels never fall sick… Ameen!

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