Brain Tumor and Homeopathy:


Many years back:  After my usual clinic routine, I reached home and was glad to see my younger brother home. He was working as a high official in the states financial department and that required long working hours, so it was a treat to see him on dinner tonight. In any additional free time he has always been a religious man with social ties.


He mentioned me one Mr. B, and that Mr. B is having severe vertigo and is unable to attend his regular religious gatherings, though happening just about 50 yards from his residence and that my brother was sent a message from Mr. B to send me to his home and check his health.


I disregarded the request because of my shyness to visit homes of patients and that I truly find it very difficult task to do.


Mr. B was a retired pilot, 6 feet tall, aged about 60+, his handshake had always been the strongest and as I have met him casually in some gatherings, he radiated a very strong aura of authority and in those few meetings I felt totally small and ignored like a child in front of him, this was also the reason that I did not considered to be available for a house visit. I could have been wrong but  this was the true feelings and that also bit my own heart when I found myself hesitating to visit Mr. B at his home. The call was also carrying a note of authority that I was unable to digest and hence totally ignored what my brother told me.


Time passed but one day about after 2 weeks, my brother called me on phone and asked me that why had I not visited Mr. B yet and that he is very very sick and cannot leave home, I acted like oh, it was on my mind but just trying to find the time and I agreed to go and meet him. By the time I reached home, my father was present at dinner and he casually asked me,” Furqan, do you know Mr. B ? “. umm…. I was like saying yes yes.. I know him and that everyone knows him, he is rich and powerful and had been flying many planes.., “OK!” I was interrupted by by my father, “ Mr. B has sent a message for you to go and visit him and you have not yet done that, I don’t know the reasons of not doing so but if possible do go once.” My father, of course knew my nature better than me and that I would avoid house calls at all costs and those who succeeded in taking me to the house call were those who had sent their chauffeurs and cars to have me picked and dropped back, sometimes such of my visits happened for patients admitted in ICUs. It would take more politeness from the other party to get motivated for a house call and not to mention one large ten times fee that I claimed for house calls. Of course only to deter the people who thought that way, because in past, my early practice, I had seen that when I am house calling, other party would try to get all from me on selling their relationships. But with time, I grew out of it.


All said, after my father’s interest and push, I was ringing the doorbell of Mr, B very next evening. Very soon a butler opened the gates and after inquiring about me, went back in, I stood there looking at some plants and the vast lawn when the butler returned rather quickly to my relief and walked me in to a large drawing room, with hunters trophies on wall, some old antique rifle and few paintings.


Drawing was spacious, about full 30 feet in length with adjoining equally larger area for Dining. I was asked to seat at a single sofa just closest to the entrance and a maid in hurry brought me a glass of juice and said Mr. B is coming downstairs and he might take a little time due to his condition….”oh, that okay”, I said and sipped on the juice. I was left alone.


It was full five minutes, before I heard the door at the far end then Mr. B appeared, both hands on the door sills, not looking at me, desperately trying to hold his head still and then in a loud and authoritative voice he welcomed me. “Welcome Doctor Furqan”, Its so good you have finally managed to come”. I felt a twinge for not visiting him earlier, the old man was truly in trouble, but I have yet to find about his actual disease….


Mr. B then started walking ?… no this cannot be called walking at all because though on his legs, he did not leave the wall. He was keeping both palms on the wall and as the door sill passed he slowly turned his back towards me trying to hold the wall with hands and taking one step at a time as he said again, “ Furqaaaaaan, I hope you don’t mind it, I need to slip along the wall to reach you,,,don’t get up !” as he saw me trying to get up to help him he almost yelled at me. I retrieved back into the sofa. From that wall it took him another five minutes to reach a place near me and then he shifted his hands on the back of opposite sofa and this shifting took another two minutes. I happen to develop a keen eye of a physician, an noted that the worst part was not that walking ?, worst part was when he stood still for many seconds, only when his head moved laterally. All this happening and sufferance because if he moved his head, he experienced severe vertigo.


Finally he was able to sit and only then he looked up into my eyes, same strong authoritative gaze, only that he kept very very still.


“Vertigo” I said in low voice, “Sir it is quite apparent what is bothering you, and I am prepared to provide a solution only if, you could tell me more about it”. I was all ears to listen to him as to how did this all happen to this strong man equaling the age of father and only few years back he was seen walking with long strides sometimes.


“Yes doctor Furqan” … he started… but I was a bit shocked when hearing that he actually called me a doctor, because I remembered in occasional meetings once in two or three years he had always called me by my first name.


“I am diagnosed with Brain Tumor” Mr. B said with a certainty of tone in his voice and all the while keeping an aura as if he did not care how grave was was the verdict. “It started two years back when I started experiencing constant headache and despite normal medicines my headache did not go away, I was sent to one Physician who then advised me Head X-ray and MRI Brain, then a tumor was found in my head, that tumor was causing the headache.” Mr. B now started to explain what all happened in the past regarding his present condition and he added, “ so I was sent for brain surgery soon after the discovery of the tumor, now its about one and a half year after my brain surgery and somehow it all is returning back – I have all the best physicians available for me”.


“ Oh well yes.. You never had me as your physician yet”.. I could not help but thought to answer…but kept quiet and listened to his story.


“Now the surgeons have again recommended another surgical procedure to me again and tell you Furqan..” he was back to my first name… I gulped , “ I do not want to go for second surgery and someone said that you have grown into one excellent homeopath of the city… is it correct ?”


He wanted an answer… so I had to tell him how my politeness and shyness had been misinterpreted in the past for under confidence… so I looked right back into his eyes… and said, “ I will prepare two weeks medicine for your condition, try it out and find for yourself if I have reached the pinnacle of my profession or not”, I kept my voice emotions free while ignoring any direct answer to his question.


“So be it then, and hope it solves my problem.” Mr. B would talk like this even if he sitting on his own grave, never weakening his aura.


“Shall I give him Platinum Met ?” I inquired myself, but for now, I needed to get up and go. I begged leave from Mr. B and promised to send the medicine very next day, that he reminded me once again not to forget… and returned back home.


I write it today because it’s not fiction, Mr. B is truly a man of great respect in our community.  So I prepared a complex formula that suited his disposition and structure. The medicine was sent to his residence very next morning with helping notes of its dose and usage.


Twos weeks passed and on fifteenth day I received his call.


He was very happy as the effects of given homeopathic formulations with two tablets in morning and two in evening started to give results on 4th day when as per him he woke without the vertigo and headache. From that day onward the cure was quick and simple.


It’s now over many years and no complaint ever occurred.




Above case laid the background of homeopathic treatment for Brain Tumor and since then many cases came to that had all the symptoms of early morning nausea, ataxia, vertigo and headache and all improved without a single failure but that not all were properly diagnosed for Brain Tumor due to expansive tests.


Homeopath Dr. Syed Furqan Ahmed.

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